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The most up-to-date Twista page on the net
Includes pics, biography, discography and latest news

Chi-Town rapper Carl Terrel Mitchell aka TWISTA, was originally known as Tung Twista. Peep the 1992 Guiness Book of World Records where he was dubbed fastest rapper. His debut album, Runnin' Off at Da Mouth, was released on the Zoo Entertainment label in 1991. He later released his sophomore album in 1995 called Suicide, on Street Flavor records before taking a break to refocus his style and his rap name, becoming simply Twista. In 1997 he released Adrenaline Rush, on the title the artist says, "My style was designed to pump listeners up, and when I went back and listened to the recorded songs, the only name that made sense was Adrenaline Rush."

Between the time of the 3 albums, Twista says he added substance and focus to his style by patrolling the gritty landscapes of his Chicago ghetto. He recognized that the only way to escape the bleak surroundings was to immerse himself in it and shed some sort of light. As he explains it, "After I came off of my first national tour, I went back to the 'hood and just started applying the lessons I learned about the business and writing structured songs to things that were going on in the community, and everything started to seem much more real."
He turned up in 1996 to snatch pavement props and earn Gold status for being featured on Do or Die's number one Billboard rap single, "Po Pimp." Finally with Adrenaline Rush, Twista's transformation from pioneering Windy City hero to spatter king is complete. Castigating the laziness of L.A. G-funk and challenging the looseness of modern free-styiling, he raps to reveal emotions ranging from ecstasy and joy to sadness and pain. In his urban grit diary he creates musical paradise from poverty's riches.

Born and raised in the K-Town section of Chicago's infamous, impoverished west side, Twista grew up amid scenes of junkies, drugs, violence and poverty. He used his inner strength to help pull him through, while his dreams centered around either music or art.
His attraction to music also began building from an early age. First he moved his body to hyperactive house tracks of his hometown. Then, after being exposed to krush grooves by the likes of Kurtis Blow, the Sugarhill Gang and the Fat Boys, hip-hop started engaging his mind. He first became aware of rap by way of college radio . "Listening to people like Eric B. & Rakim and Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo," Twista remembers, "is what first inspired me to become an MC."

Twista says his trend-setting style developed under a sort of musically-induced schizophrenia ("Basically hip-hop was being imbeded into my head at the same time that I was listening to house") and was spurred forward by hearing positive feedback. Recalling the support Chicago's underground gave him after freestyle showcases and talent shows, he says "It was the love of everybody that was around me that pushed me to higher and higher levels of acheivement."
Working with Creator's Way and The Legendary Traxter, producer of the platinum hit, "Po Pimp," Twista approached Adrenaline Rush with much more patience and care. They recorded the album entirely at Creator's Way Studios in Chicago. "Basically it's my follow-up to 'Po Pimp,'" he says. "Before that record I was writin' a lot of different ways, but after it, my course was charted; I knew exactly where I needed to go next." The first single, "Emotions," slinks and swaggers with a distinctive playboy flair and leads in with a mythical vocal intro, establishing Twista in a domain of his own.
Refusing to withold, Twista explains his daily MO in "Ridin' High." Then, with "Overdose," which he describes as a "real lyrical song," he tells listeners exactly how he flexes his flow. Meanwhile, "Unsolved Mysteries," explores the tarnished underbelly of inner-city life, verbally panning over technicolor images of brothers shooting, hustlers slangin', and players mackin'. "Corrupt World," a reflective tune with liquid melodies and eerie bounce, speaks of the street sorrow experienced by Twista and his buddy B-Hype, who guest rhymes. "Make a toast to yourself for survivin' in a world that's so corrupt," they conclude after recounting all the fallen friends and family they knew.

Twista then working with the Speedknot Mobster's released Mobstability in 1998 which featured the Bone Thugs~n~Harmony crushin diss song, "Crook County". Twista and Layzie Bone later settled their beef and to show their new found truce, together recorded "Midwest Invasion". The album also featured the single, "In Your World" which garnered Twista some mainstream appeal after appearing on, and being released off, the Nutty Professor movie soundtrack.
After label problems which sparked a major bidding war between P Diddy's Bad Boy Records and Jay-Z's Roc-a-Fella Records to try and get Twista to pen his name to their roster, Twista decided to turn to the independent route. Twista set up Legit Ballin Records and resolved his differences wit Atlantic Records to distribute the labels records. He quickly went to the lab wit his entire roster and the end product was Legit Ballin Records vol 1, which produced such singles as "Game Recognize Game" and the now classic record, (which many consider his best work) "Victory or Death". The most notable aspect of the album however was the abscence of Twista's friend and producer, The Legendary Traxster. Money issues had pulled the two apart which led to a small beef and Trax disses Twista on his solo album. Twista however brought in Toxic and Cayex Illah who more than handles the task.
Vol 2 followed a year later, and this gained mainstream interest due to the massive hit single, "Ball Wit Us" which saw Twista re-unite with Johnny P. The album was a success, as was Twista's empire which for a short time boasted Ruff Ryder and ex-No Limit Soldier, Fiend who appeared on the album. The Legit Ballin roster currently consists of Twista, The Speedknot Mobstaz, Darkside Ballaz, Bennie Franks, Tod Nitty, Turtle Banxx, High Beam, female rapper Ms Kane, producers Cayex Illah and Toxic, and even boasts an r'n'b contingent thru male duo Mecca of Soul and female songstress Oobie, who has been puttin in various guest appearances includin 3 on the recent southern smash, Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys' "Put Yo Hood Up" album.
Twista then allowed his label roster to show they can hold it on their own with the release of Legit Ballaz - Respect The Game. This time there was no mention of nor picture of Twista on the cover, simply the Legit Ballaz. Twista still put in a few hot guest appearances so make sure you cop that to support the label.
The Chi-Town rapper is now certified double-platinum due to his latest offering 'Kamikze', showing just how far the emcee has come over the past decade. The album features the singles 'Slow Jamz', 'Overnight Celebrity' and 'So Sexy'. Some of hip hop's biggest names showed out for this album, which boasts guest appearances by 8Ball, Too Short, Ludacris, T.I. & Memphid Bleek among others, as well as production by Kanye West, R Kelly, Wildstyle of Crucial Conflict as well as a return by The Legendary Traxster. Make sure you buy it if you haven't already!
Discography as Tung Twista
Runnin off at da Mouth - 1991

1. Ratatattat
2. Razzamatazz/Jazzamatazz
3. No Peace Sign
4. Nun Ah Y'all Can Hang
5. Mista Tung Twista
6. Back 2 School
7. One Down 2 2 Go
8. Frum Da Tip Of My Tounge
9. Snap Happy
10. Runnin Off At Da Mouth

Resurrection - 1995

1. Ressurection
2. Suicide w/ InfaRed
3. Take 'Em Down
4. Paranoia
5. React With a Mic w/ Dres of Black Sheep
6. Skat Man
7. Dirt on the Down Low
8. Shadowboxin'
9. Return of the Rat-A-Tat-Tat
10. Makin' Papes
11. One Shot, One Kill
12. Suicide (Remix) w/ InfaRed
Discogaphy as Twista

Adrenaline Rush - 1997

1. Intro
2. Adrenaline Rush
3. Death Before Dishonor
4. It Feels so Good
5. Overdose
6. Mobster's Anthem
7. Get Her in The Mood
8. Emotions
9. Unsolved Mystery
10. Korrupt World
11. Get it Wet
12. No Remorse
13. Emotions (Remix)

Mobstability w/ The Speedknot Mobstaz - 1998

1. Intro
2. Crook County (Bone Crusher Mix)
3. Mob Up
4. Front Porch
5. In Your World
6. Legit Ballers
7. Mobstability
8. Party Hoes
9. Warm Embrace
10. Smoke Wit You
11. Loyalty
12. Motive For Murder
13. Dreams
14. Rock Y'all Spot

Adrenaline Rush 2000 - 2000 (Greatest Hits)

1. Adrenaline Rush
2. All My Niggaz
3. Artillery
4. Time
5. Everywhere We Go
6. Overdose
7. Smoked Out
8. In The Middle Of The Night
9. Victory of Death
10. Unrestricted Intro
11. Is This The End (Part 1)
12. Is This The End (Part 2)
13. Po Pimp
14. Still Po-Pimpin
15. Y'all My Nugz
16. Feels So Good
17. Money Flow
18. Who Am I
19. What U Wanna Do
20. Ride Til We Die
21. Get it Wet
22. Game Recognize Game
23. Bonus Track
Discography with Legit Ballaz
Legit Ballin Vol. 1 - 2000

1. Intro
2. Victory Or Death
3. Legit Ballaz
4. Artillery
5. It's Burning
6. Wide Open
7. Don Juan
8. My Apartment
9. What Ya Gone Do
10. Don Juan
11. Jail Time
12. Pastor Ya' Dig
13. Piece Of Mind
14. Bennie Franks
15. Unprotective Sex
16. Rider Bitch
17. Don't Blink
18. Get 'em Off Me
19. Break 'em Up
20. Blood N Blood Out
21. Born This Way
22. Game Recognize Game
23. Get Ya
24. Grand Finale
25. Weeeee Straight

Legit Ballin Vol. 2 - 2001

1. Intro Street Scriptures
2. Legit Ballaz
3. Mob Niggas Don't Die
4. Mash & Bang
5. On The Map - Interlude
6. Ball Wit Us
7. Stories
8. U Don't Know Me
9. Interlude
10. Run
11. Dirty Game
12. Why
13. Kill Murder
14. Interlude - Scared Straight
15. Wee Straight
16. Peace Of Mind (Remix)
17. Round Here
18. Interlude
19. How To Ball
20. Put That Thang On Me
21. Interlude - Viagra
22. Getty Up
23. Interlude - Dedication To Tracy Todd
24. Pray For Me
25. Stick Up - Part 2
26. He Lay
27. Would U Mind
28. Outro - Keep It Real

Legit Ballaz - Respect The Game
(tracks which feature Twista)

2. Legit Ballaz Theme (Separation)
7. Fresh Off The Lot
14. 411
16. Penthouse Suite
Guest Appearances & Unreleased

1. Do or Die Feat. Twista - Po Pimp
2. Do or Die Feat. Twista - Money Flow
3. Three Six Mafia Feat. Twista - Smoked Out
4. Timbaland Feat. Twista - Who Am I
5. Puff Daddy Feat. Twista - Is This The End Pt I
6. Puff Daddy Feat. Twista - Is This The End Pt II
7. Trick Daddy Feat. Twista - Could it Be
8. UGK Feat. Twista - Time
9. Ras Kass Feat. Twista - All Or Nothing
10. Usher Feat. Twista - Nice & Slow (Remix)
11. Trina Feat. Twista - Watch Your Back
12. Coo Coo Cal Feat. Twista - Ride Til We Die
13. Latonya Feat. Twista - What You On
14. Jay-Z Feat. Twista - Is That Yo Bitch
15. Missy Elliot Feat. Twista - Get Your Freak On (Remix)
16. 112 Feat. Twista - Don't Hate Me
17. Barnone Feat. Twista - Let's Get Them Niggaz
18. R. Kelly Feat. Twista - Fiesta (Remix)
19. Kane & Able Feat. Twista - Straight Thuggin
20. Drag-on Feat. Twista - Twisted Heat
21. Cap-1 Feat. Twista - Chi-Town's finest
22. Do or Die Feat. Twista - Still Po Pimpin
22. Eightball & MJG Feat. Twista - In The Middle of The Night
23. Da Brat Feat. Twista - Intro
24. Do or Die Feat. Twista - Sex Appeal
25. Out of Order Feat. Twista - Work Somn Twurk Somn
26. Juice Feat. Twista - We Do It Like That
27. Preny Mo Feat. Twista - Thugs Eye
28. Coo Coo Cal Feat. Twista - Still Ride Til We Die
29. Ludacris feat. Jagged Edge & Twista - Freaky Thangs
30. Timbaland & Magoo Feat. Jay-Z & Twista - Party People
31. Devin feat. Twista - Toast To The Pussy
32. Niccademus feat. Twista - It Really Don't Matter
33. Royce Da 5-9 feat. Twista - Let's Go
34. Subway feat. Twista - Chi-Town Ride
35. Slim G Big City feat. Twista - The Gang Way
36. Royal Flush feat. Twista - Hoes Down
37. Shaq feat. Twista & Trina - Do it Faster
38. Busta Rhymes feat. Twista & AK - Break Ya Neck [remix]
39. Nappy Roots feat. Twista & Cam'Ron- AwNaw (remix)
40. Brandy w/ Twista - Full Moon (remix)
41. Memphis Bleek w/ Jay-Z, Missy & Twista - Iz That Yo Chick
42. Craig David w/ Twista - What's Ya Flava (remix)
43. R Kelly w/ Twista - Ignition (remix Pt II)
44. Too Short w/ Twista & Lil Jon - Quit Hatin
45. Jay-Z w/ Twista, Big Boi & Killer Mike - Poppin Tags
46. David Banner w/ Twista & Busta Rhymes - Like A Pimp (remix)
47. Disturbing Tha Peace w/ Twista - RPM
48. Kanye West w/ Twista & Luther Vanross - Slow Jamz Remix
49. Cash Kola w/ Twista & MVP - All I Hear
50. Twista w/ Liffy Stokes - I Know (Slow Jamz CD Single)
51. Twista w/ Ludacris - Poppin Tags (remix)
52. Punjabi MC w/ Twista - Beware of the Boys (remix)
53. Twista - Y'all Know Who
54. Trill Ville & Lil Jon w/ Twista - Neva Eva (remix)
55. Ras Kass w/ Twista - Showin Out
56. Qualo w/ Twista - I Ain't A Pimp (remix)
57. Twista w/ Freeway & Bennie Franks - Show Go On
58. T.I. w/ Mack 10 , Trick Daddy & Twista - Rubberband Man (remix)
59. Elephant Man w/ Youngbloodz & Twista - Jook Gyal (remix)
60. Twista - Get That Doe (Ain't It Man)
61. The Diplomats w/ Twista - Get Retarted
62. Twista w/ Jamie Foxx - Slow Jamz (Collipark Remix)
63. Slim G & Big City w/ Twista - Let's Get Them Niggaz
64. Craig David w/ Twista - What's Your Flava (remix)
65. Hard Knox w/ Twista - Weekend
66. Unexpected Arrival w/ Twista - Everything
67. Prince Amin w/ Royal Family & Twista - Millenium Riders
68. Sting w/ Twista - Stolen Car
69. Mobb Deep w/ Twista - Got It Twisted
70. Usher w/ Shyne, Kanye West & Twista - Confessions Part II (remix)
71. Petey Pablo w/ Jermaine Dupri & Twista - Freak-a-Leak
72. Federation w/ Rick Rock & Twista - If I Had a Gun
73. Trick Daddy w/ Lil Jon & Twista - Let's Go
74. Mario Winans w/ Twista - Never Really Was (remix)
75. Twista w/ R Kelly - Like This



1. Fiend Presents Can I Burn: Twista & The Speedknot Mobstaz - Everywhere
2. Monsters of the Midway Compilation: Twista - Get Hurt
3. Midwest Mobstaz: Layzie Bone & Twista - Midwest Invasion
4. South West Riders Compilation: Twista - Y'all My Nugz
5. CWAL Ballaz Vol 1: Legendary Traxster w/ Twista, Speedknot Mobstaz & Toxic - Legit Ballers (remix)
6. Midwest Mobstaz Vol 2: Twista - Intro
7. Midwest Mobstaz Vol 2: Ric Jilla & Father Tyme w/ Twista - Heart of the Midwest

Latest News

Twista will be making a remix album!!  Chi-Town's finest has jumped on pretty much every hot remix at the moment, so what better way to show he really is the self-declared remix King than put all the tracks onto one album?! The album will now not be available til sometime next year, but a video has just been shot for So Sexy Part II, called 'Like This', features R Kelly again so hopefully that will be getting play soon!

Twista remains the most in-deman rapper of the minute and he's continuing to put in the guest spots. He steals the show on Federation's 'IF I had A Gun' and Trick Daddy's Ozzy Osbourne sampled 'Let's Go'. I never though i'd see the day that Twista and Mobb Deep came together, but T jumps on the remix to the Mobb's banging new single 'Got It Twisted'. Internet heads are scouring the internet for the remix to Confessions by Usher due to the guest verse by Shyne rapped down the phone! Kanye West also jumps on the track but Twista steals the plaudits by spitting fire over this slow jam. 

Oh yeh, and 'Kamikaze' is now offically DOUBLE-PLATINUM!!

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